Question on 96" heads

Discussion in 'Dyno Runs' started by ricks2006, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. ricks2006

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    I was wondering if anybody has try to instald a set of 96" heads on a 98' Revoluton performance cly.kit. I have the opertunity to buy a set of 96" heads cheap that are in perfect condition any opion would be helfuf. Thank You for any in put. Rick
  2. Bud White

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    cant say but you need them ported any polished to get them to flow .. they flow less than stock evo heads
  3. R.Bingham

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    Actually the 96in heads flow pretty well especially when compared to the 99-05 88in heads. It is even cheaper to have the 96in heads ported than the 88in heads because they have lees material to remove. If you had the 99-05 heads you will need a new intake manifold because the port is different on the 06-up heads. I would still get them ported because it will carry the torque out farther as well as increase hp.
  4. FishHunter

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    That late model head will pull just about 119 cfm @ 10" @ .600" lift.
    Once that head is modified, with a 1.900" intake valve, along with port modifications, we commonly see 155 cfm, @ 10", @ .600" lift.
    Our 2" valve version rolls out 172. For those interested in that @ 28", that number is 287.
    BUT, peak flow numbers are not what it is all about either, as mid-lift is EXTREMELY important. We consider the mid-lift area, between .200"-.400", and the reasoning is that the valve spends more time in that area, on the opening, and the closing, than on the seat, or at peak lift.
    Once that type of cylinder head work is established, along with the correct compression for the cam, your bike will not be the same.:D