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Question for slip ons and EFI

If I install a pair of slip ons, do I need to put a new air filter in and have the EFI remapped? If it is just installing the slip ons, I can do it, but I don't knwo how to reprogram the brain. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A lot of people just install the slip on's and ride. Considering that these newer bikes (you didn't say what year you have) are running very lean out of the factory, I would advise some sort of fuel management like a TFI, PC III or the like and richen things up a bit. If you add the stage 1 intake with a K&N filter, you will pick up about 8 - 10 HP and tq also, well worth the money. The motor will run cooler and better also besides the extra power.

If you have a newer bike, the TFI is a plug and play operation that most anyone can do. I run one on my RK and it works well.

I also have a brand new TFI in the package if anyone is interested that fits all 07 bikes except sportster and v rods.
It's the 1250ST.
I have a 2007 1200N. I think I am going to have to wait till next year to do this as I am looking at some money. How much are the PCFIII? Do you have to hook your computer up to it? Sorry for being ignorant this is my first harley.
ps-Thanks for your help.
On my 2007 EFI..... you can put slip-ons .. on and be ok. If you do both you have to get a ECM calibration. Went thru this.
I asked some of these questions in my "Louder Pipes" thread, But what I didn't ask was :

Ball park figure ($$$) for slip ons, TFI & K&N A/C? Thanks, Tracy
I had dealer install v&h slipons and HD Stage one breather and they did the performance down load. I got this before I ever started the bike. Hind site I should have done all labor myself and purchesed one of the SERT or an aftermarked one.

Either way you should do the breather and download if you change the pipes.

I estimate that I increased hp and torque by about 20%. One day I will do a Dyno run and post the results.

08 1200c
i put the SE street performance slipons on to my otherwise stock nighty & she runs just fine.
mind the pipes do have propper baffles in them,they sound great though & they're not "too" loud ,i don't like my bikes too loud though.