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Question about Wheel Compatibility



Looking to replace the wheels on my 92 Deluxe (laced wheels). Has anyone used 2000 and later wheels (with sealed bearings) on the older bikes with open bearings? How compatible are they? Drop in (swing arm and front interfaces the same? brakes and axles all line up)? Or do other parts need to change too? Lots of parts on eBay and aftermarket, and if they are OK, would be more reasonable than OE.

Not easily compatible at all. Brake disk fitment and alignment will become a major issue. If you're switching just to get sealed bearings, you can retrofit your older wheels with sealed bearings made by a company called FTM. I did a test on them long ago.

hi diljera,

The 2K and newer wheels are a drop in, as long as you're not replacing the brake calipers as well.

Measure and double-check the spacing of the new wheel installation before you ride the bike!!!

If you're replacing the calipers and the fork lowers w/Y2K+ units, get the appropriate axle/spacers, it'll save a lot of grief. The newer calipers are rigidly mounted and are offset about 1/4" left from the earlier mounting position.

The "shoulder" location on the newer axle & spacers provide for exact alignment w/out a lot of drama.