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  1. overtheroad82

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    If i put just a kuryakyn pro r hypercharger on my 09 fxd at 200 miles will it void my warrenty? Not putting a exhaust on yet and when i do i will probably have the dealer do it. It sure would (EDIT) if harley would void a warrenty for just putting a air cleaner on.

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    It might be an issue with a particular dealer, but I had installed V&H pipes and a Hi Five air cleaner system on my current bike and took it to a dealer for electrical issues and there was no problem with getting it repaired under warranty. I would imagine a good dealer would not make any fuss about simple mods. They make money on warranty work, even though it might not be as much as they would charging shop rate. I know some dealers have a pretty good rate going.
    Probably best to call the dealer you would use for warranty work and ask someone in service. Then if you had a problem you would know to remove add on parts and install the old ones if they think it would be voiding your warranty.
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    no it will not void the warrenty nor will the exhaust unless you let it run to lean and melt it down that way
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    Look up the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. I think your good unless "they" can prove it caused the failure. I've had the dealer tell me everything from not using their oil to tail lights would void my warranty. Once I educated them in a very nice way, they understand now and don't hassle me at all about warranty. They like to use it just to sell their own HD products!

    Here's one place you can read about it. It's talking about auto's, but would be the same for bikes too or anything else for that matter. Magnuson-Moss Act or here on the Wiki:Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    The simple addition of the Kuryakyn Hypercharger would not void your warranty. If you install the hypercharger and the air/fuel mixture becomes too lean, you potentially could cause serious damage to the top end of your engine. Should Harley deem and prove this damage was cause by a lean condition created by your installation of the hypercharger, they can deny your warranty claim.

    I suggest you wait and do the air cleaner, pipes, and fuel management system or download at the same time.
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    thanks for clearing the issue up for me. I think i will just wait till i get the exhaust and tfi and do it all at once. It was a good price for the hypercharger and didn't want to pass it up.