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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by littlepglt, Jul 23, 2010.

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    I have a 2007 Sportster Custom 1200. It's set up with Rush Slip-ons, and I'm running a K&N filter in the stock cover. My questions are: Is there a heavy breather I can purchase for my model? And, is it really worth the money doing it, or, is it just a cosmetic thing?
    I really like the look, but, the expense of the Big Twin set-ups and not knowing if the hp gains are real, has me a little leery.:x

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    Since you already have an $65-$70 investment in a K&N filter, if you want a bit more air flow, you could try modifying your cover a bit with only the cost of a grinder/dremel tool with a bit of filing and polish to radius edges...

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    Well, I have a heavy breather on my bike, and I love it. I am not too into the newer Sporty's but if I had one, I would still put a heavy breather on it. The more air you can get into the engine, the better. I am using a D&M Custom Cycles Spike Series on mine. It comes with a K&N washable filter too. Remember, whether you have a carb, or EFI you will have to make other adjustments.

    If you are interested in this set up, PM me and I will send you the link to the site and you can take a look at what it is that I have.
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    littlepglt; my recommendation would be to do a breather & tuner. This way you can open-up the power in your stock HD motor. Tuner's required b/c not only will you need to adjust for added air (breather) & exhaust mod, it allows for future mods as well & they run ~$150 - $400+. You'll see many recommendations for Dobeck TFI (my choice) b/c it's an awesome product & easy for install/use. For the breather - look into HD's SE kit ($250 - $275). I like the looks & it's a quality product. Both these UG's will definitely improve engine performance & you'll be pleased w/results. Good Luck!