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Put a windshield on my Wide Glide


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I guess I am a 60 year old wuss but I bought a quick detach shield for my 07 Wide Glide. I was just not enjoying the ride over 60 if there was any wind.

I am 6 ft and have the standard height mounted as high as it will go on the forks. I does make a big difference and takes a lot of the wind off my upper body. In gusty winds you can feel it a little in the grips whereas before I was hanging on so tight I couldn't feel anything.

The reflection of the chrome can be a little distracting and at night you get some reflection from the lights especially the turn signals.

I wear a 3/4 Scorpion with a face shield and the wind can shake my head pretty good. I would get this without the shield but now it comes on at a lower speed I guess from all the air spilling over the top. I have tried different heights and the topmost is best for me. If I duck down a little and look through the shield, the shaking stops.

I don't notice any significant air coming from below although I have heard others say that they do. Some people raise the tank, add a fork bag or get the Jack Flaps vest to counter wind from below but I don't feel anything.

I guess the worst thing about it is I will probably leave it on the bike. Maybe I am just used to it but it doesn't look too bad.
I had a shield on my wide glide and the angle of it also will make a small difference. Ive ridden with and without a shield and it's best with. You don't feel tired when you get off from fighting the wind on your chest.
you need a nap 'cause your so full from eating all the bugs?:D:D:D
Goin' from a '93 evo w/ apes to a '07 FLHTC made those 300+ miles a day ALOT more pleasant . Love my windshield for a long ride.