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Put 150 miles on the Nightster

And my (edit) hurts. The seat just killed me. Have to make a choice either keep the stock seat and look cool or do a new seat and maybe not look so cool but feel better when I get off.
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Or you could wait and see if it breaks in foer you. My '07 Roadster seat hurt my butt so bad I had to rest after 30 miles
when it was new. Once I put 2,000 miles on the bike the seat is so comfortable I can ride all day with no soreness at all.
I ran out last Thursday evening and drove about 200 miles. The weather has been rainy and I was wanting to get over the 500 mile mark. My butt did ok, but my neck and clutch hand cramped up a few times. All in all a great ride. For me I think it's just being 51 years old.
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2007 Nightster - 2700 miles - changed the shocks to Progressive 412's and changed the fork springs as well (again Progressive) HUGE change - There is little to no damping on the stock shocks that were on my bike - this causes neck problems, back problems, back side problems and, if the bump is large enough, knocks the wind out of you. I'm 52 and no amount of miles will break in the seat on this bike. I have another bike for long distance, but I wanted to be able to ride tank to tank without a break every 25-30 miles.

If you value your kidneys, spine or other body parts...change the shocks - you will not regret it!