Pushrods extended too far?

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    I know I am getting old and must be having a brain (EDIT) on this issue. (Engine "59 FL" going back together after complete tear down.) Adjusted push rods (stock) and they are almost completely extended. Don't seem right! They are not tight, spin freely. tappets have no oil in them (were taken apart and cleaned). Suggestions? Comments? What am I missing here?

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    If the tappets are fully compressed that will do it.
  3. Jack Klarich

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    Remove the tappets pump them up and see if they hold, 3 pumps should do it, if not there is a bleed hole in the bottom of the hydraulic unit use a tooth pick and bleed it down, did any oil come out, if not soak them in oil and pump them up again, if they will not pump up they are bad. You do have the tappets installed correctly with the oil holes facing the correct way so the lifters can pump up RIGHT? Hope this helps, Capital Jack