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    Other than the $175 Chrome Pushrod Covers 18096-00A what options do I have for pushrod covers for my ez-adjustable pushrods that I bought. I assume the stock covers can't be reused since I dont want to take the tank off I planned to just cut the old pushrods with a bolt cutter.
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    You are not planning on cutting the tubes are you. My S/E ezjust pushrods came with the hardware so that I could reuse my tubes/
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    I wasn't sure if I could reuse the stock ones. I looked in the service manual and it looks like I can reuse them.

    The other issue, is what Torrington bearings do I use when I change the cams on a 2010 FLHTK.

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    The chrome covers will fit again with the adjustable push rods.. and CAN be re-used. They come apart, Yes, the outer chrome COVERS
    Spring loaded Covers come apart, remove Spring type 1/2 round clip with a slit in it, for a tool to remove.
    slide outer tubes covers together enough to get a decent pair of bolt cutters in on the push rod.
    The cutting should be done with the valve full closed and no excess pressure against the lifter...(snip) I use a soft rag to COVER the cutter tool as it will Jump and pop when cutting thru the old original push rod even tho it is on the valve closed position..
    one at a time moving to relieve pressure and valve closed. Snip!

    No need to remove tank... You should Watch how the tubes are put together if you don't have a diagram... Noting where the "O" ring are and new ones when putting back together..

    Put the new push-rods in the same way with the valve/lifter in closed position...

    A little more to it than just what I described,,, but Close...