Pulled codes, Now WHAT?

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by acerider_01, Jun 14, 2009.

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    OK, here's the story. I put a little over 750 miles on my streetglide, yesterday and it seamed to run great. However, a couple of times during my trip, I noticed the engine lamp was on after I had restarted the bike when hot. So first thing this morning I jumped on-line to figure out how to retrieve fault codes, as I am a mechanic by trade. After a brief search through HD Talking's world famous self help section I pulled codes on my ride. I found two codes in ecm/icm section. P0152 (Rear O2 high) and P1353 (Front cylinder No combustion). I checked all modules and cleared codes. I haven't test drove and rechecked, as of yet. My concern is that as the light wasn't on after last 200 miles is, that intermittency may be a hurdle in diagnostic procedure. Is any one(Glider) familar with any trends, or common faults related to these codes?
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    For the 02 high, it could be a bad 02 sensor or a wiring problem to the sensor.

    Front no combustion could be a number of things like a loose plug wire or plug tip where it plugs on to the plug, also a bad plug wire too.