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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by pieman, Jul 31, 2011.

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    I'm interested in a pull behind motorcycle trailer. What are the views about alluminum vs. fiberglass? Weight? Size? From what I have researched, the trailer should be 200lbs. or less and it should be no wider than the bags on the bike. I ride an 06 Ultra Classic Electra Glide.
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    How handy are you? I made a few trailers out of Harbor Freight trailers and Sears cargo toppers with good results. The last on had over 10k on it when I sold it. Mine was made to be 2" narrower than the highway pegs and pulled great.

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    umm never pulled a trailer but have ridden with a few folks that pull them. Not too sure bout that " no wider than saddle bag dimension " ?

    The ones I've seen are wider than that (unless you have very wide bags). I would think the trailer needs some width for stability.
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    It really depends on how much you want to spend, IMO Bush-Tec is the top of the line, but you will drop 4 bills on one by the time you get it custom painted to match your bike and all of the other goodies with it. I also think its one of the safest trailers to pull because of their design. Good Luck
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    I agree with Ballpeen Bushtec trailers are the best I have been pulling a bushtec roadstar for about 7 yrs. with no problems you can find them at bushtec.com. What ever you get use a swivel hitch, if the trailer goes over (and they can) it will save your bike and you.
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    I have a 92 bushtech they are a well made trailer,A few years ago tailwind came on the market,probably the most expensive but a very well made trailer as well.If I were replacing the bushtech I would look hard at the tailwind.For a cheaper trailer I would make my own.
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    A trailer that is no wider than your bike would be a single tire trailer By N-Line. It weighs only 90lbs. The cost is than 3 grand new. I pull both a N-Line & an American Legend trailers. Both are great trailers.The American Legend has FLH fenders & lights. It is alot bigger than the N-Line. Check out Craigs list for used trailers.
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    I just bought a used American Legend off Craigslist. Unfortunately, I had to ride 750 miles to get it. So my real cost is around $350 more than I paid. Still was worth the cost. It pulled across South Dakota and Minnesota like it wasn't there. The fuel gauge knew it was, though! Went down to 30.85 mpg. I was going 78 mph most of the time, though. It is a beauty, but they are heavy. Mine lists at 190# empty. I would recommend you also look at Cycle Mate trailers. They only weigh about 145 and pull great. They only have 8" wheels, except certain models, but they also pull like not there. If you need a hitch, I have one for sale. Listed it on Craiglist under Wausau, WI.
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    I have a Starlight model 14 (Jupiter) trailer made by Neosho (a US company).
    It's as wide as my Ultra, holds 14 cu.ft., and weighs in at 125 lbs. The weekest link is its closing latch. I broke 2 on my recent trip. They cheaped out on the latch as it's more like a backyard fix than an off-the-shelf part. They'd welded 1/2 a chain link onto a camper latch.

    It is very light to tow and is easy to forget it's behind you (unless you're going uphill). I got it with the swivel hitch and LED lights (both musts in my opinion) and it's wired the same as my bike so no converters needed or isolators.

    I'd say fiberglass is lighter than aluminum and look for one that is streamlined so it slices the wind rather than act like a drag if you choose one wider than your bike.