puking oil from the breather

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    i have a 85 FXEF, and I need help !

    The suggestion to my problem from what I have read is that my check valve ball may be dirty or its on the open postion. I did take out the ball and it was good the spring seemed a bit soft so i pulled it to get more tenstion ( was i suppose to do that)?

    I started it up I was fine I rode for a couple of miles pulled back in waited started it up again and puked all over... any suggestions?

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    Your problem sounds like the oil is draining into the crankcase, going past the check ball. While the ball may look fine I suspect that the seat that the ball seals against is the problem. The seat can be cleaned up or a new seat may need to be cut. untill you can do this you can remove the plugs and oil cap before startup and turn the starter over in short cycles and the oil will be pumped back into the tank. The correct way to solve the problem is to get the check ball to seat properly.
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    Or replace the pump with a better pump TP Engineering: 1.203.744.4960