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Protection for Lowers


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A friend of mine just picked up 05 Ultra on Friday. I noticed the lowers could be in danger of being scuffed up from moving my foot back and forth from the highway pegs.

I went to my local auto supply shop and bought some paint protection tape. They claim it is invisible once applied. It is used as a stone guard across the hoods of cars and trucks.

He plans to put a thin strip along the edge of the lowers from the floor board up to just past where my foot will rest on the highway pegs. The tape is expensive but cheaper then repainting the lowers.

Likely someone else here has already thought of this but not having seen it I thought I would mention it.
That is a good idea. I would have never thought of it myself. How often do you think that you will have to be replacing it though? How much did you spend on the amount of tape that you needed? Thanks!