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    I'd like a project bike so I'm looking for some opinions. I've found a 2000 Sportster 883 with 18000 miles. The current owner has had it for 3 years and now has an 06 Fatboy which is better suited for 2 up riding so he's put the Sporty up for sale. It runs well, has good tires, leather H-D bags (which I'll remove) and a small windshield (also not to my liking). He has removed the peanut tank and replaced it with a bobber tank and repainted the bike cream and red (pleasing enough but an amateur job). He still has the original tank which comes with the bike. I'm going to take a ride on it in a few days so I'll have a better idea how it handles. My question: What's a reasonable price? Asking for $3600 but says there is some "wiggle room". If the bike has been dropped it certainly doesn't show it. NADA lists a "good" condition one at about $2800 while Kelly Blue Book says an "excellent" speciman should retail at $3400. Electrics all work. Pretty much in original condition except for the tank swap. I'm not asking anyone to make up my mind for me, I'd just like a feel for what it's worth as it sits. Any comments would be welcome. Thanks for your indulgence.
    PS Engine is stock
    PSPS Tires are whitewall, they gotta go if I get it