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Profiles Anyone?

Does anyone else out there fill out the personal profile or am I the only knucklehead here? It would be nice to know a little more about the folks here in the forum,...anyone agree?:rolleyes:
Yo.Steel Breeze, Nope.....ur not the only one. I put all the info out there too. But, after looking at a lot of the other user profiles on this forum, I've come to the conclusion "we" are a small minority. Kinda gave me the feeling maybe I put out too much info . Most are just going with the basics.I really don't have anything to hide or am ashamed of, but I guess some things are looked at as "TMI"(too much information).Ride safe bro, HI-Tek Rednek
Hi Steel Breeze
Your right there man. There's not many willing to own up to what they do when they are not on-line.
I am and I saw that Hobbit and Mike are. Sure there must be more.
Anyway enjoy your time with us.
You see there's more there. Maybe all those who haven't can sit down and share with the rest all they are willing to?
Hey Freegul, Checked out ur profile and saw where ur from.Southern, NJ huh? I'm from Southern,Delaware ( Sussex County-Georgetown,Del. to be exact ).I just bought my 2007 FLSTC Heritage Softail in May, from "Barb"s H-D in NJ. Maybe we can hook up a ride this Summer! Ride safe,Hi-Tek Rednek