Problems after installing se hyd cam plate !

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    I just changed cam plates to the hyd tensioner and bigger oil pump. I took 3 days and kept my book beside me as well as referencing this site. I matched dots on the cams and sprockets , aligned the oil pump with alignment tools from e-bay. My problem started when I put the PR,s and rocker boxes in. I finished and started the bike ,only one cylinder was firing . I did a compression test and found the back jug had none and the front 150 . I pulled the PR's and found I mixed them up and they were backwards . switched and assembled ,now 170 psi back jug ,the problem is it runs rough and has low oil pressure . Could i have messed up something serious ? both cylinders are now firing, oil pressure good until under 1500 rpm . any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
    99 flht carb 84,000 miles

    Update , now it wont start both oil lights are coming on, any suggestions are appreciated .
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    Welcome to the forum hawkmaneg, If one of the o-rings got pinched between the cam plate and engine case it would cause low oil pressure at low rpms because it would be leaking some of the pressure, if a valve did not hit a piston top when the pushrods were backwards it should not of hurt anything, you could cut them out and go back up with quick installs to save some labor. did you check them for a bent rod before going back together? and when you say the oil pressure is good at higher rpms, are you checking it with a gauge? and 150 psi front with 170psi rear is not good, they should be within about 5 lbs of each other. you can do a leakdown test on the cylinders to see why there is 20 lbs difference between them.
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    On an early 99 the camplate used a different oil passage than on the later year plates .If you own an early one there is a passage on the back of the plate that must be plugged or there will be lack of oil pressure .Andrews has info on which passage to plug .

    I should have said,
    If you are retrofitting the late style plate to an early 99........a hole in the late plate must be plugged.
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    Thanks for the feedback Chopper and Motor all good ideas that I cant wait to follow up on. Motor I looked up that page on the andrews site and my camplate was the one that makes pluging a hole in the back of the new one necessary. As sick as this sounds I cant wait to get back in that Cam case. Good riding I will be doing the same soon !

    If ignorance is bliss I am in la la land . I have tore into and realigned my cams and sprockets 3 times . Still no idle and ran like (EDIT) . Today took all apart and realigned again got it almost back together and couldnt account for a push rod lock nut. Went back into cam case and tracked the nut. reassembled and ran like (EDIT) then i decided to check the carb and it wasnt in the manifold ! Took the aircleaner and breather apart remounted it , pushed the button and it idled right were it did before my adventure . Now i just have to get rid of a noisy push rod , any suggestions if my last adjustment lost me 5 lb compression on rear jug. Anyway have fun will be riding tommorow !!!

    Please read this...
    A Friendly Reminder - Harley Davidson Community

    Glad you got things running again, but watch the lang. We are VERY strict here.

    I don't think you mentioned the oil you are using. Switch to a premium quality FULL synthetic 20W50 engine oil if you are using something else.

    Double check the torque on your exhaust nuts at the heads. I had a leak on the front cylinder that ran me ragged looking for lifter/valve noise problems!

    If it is the valves making noise, did you change out the lifters AND go with adj. PRs? Sounds like you did the adj. PRs from what you said above. You may want to readjust them adding a flat or even two to your adjustment. So on the "B" lifters, that would be .125" x tpi of the PRs to get to half the lifter piston travel. Mine are 24 tpi, so I adjust them 3 turns plus 2 flats. So I am adjusting my pushrods slightly longer (0.01375" or a total of 0.13875").

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