Problem with clutch solved thru HDTimeline

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by banjopete, Jun 8, 2014.

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    My '95 Electra gluide classic with 245,000 kms on it was having clutch difficulties over last week or two. It kept needing adjustment ie lever got really slack and had trouble shifting gears.

    First ..checked cable...still pristeen
    Second... pulled tran cover to check throwout brg...still pristeen.
    Last...pulled clutch...the smoking gun showed up...spring plate in the middle of the clutch pack shed most of its rivets and the little plates in between the two rings (now unretained by rivets) were stacking up and taking up my slack.

    Put in a new Barnet extra plate clutch...working just great...only down one day.

    BUT FYI...the old clutch still had lots of friction material left after 20 yrs and only plates damaged were either side of the spring plate. Probabley could have got away with a new spring plate only but not readily available in my area.

    Thanks HDTimeline.
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    This is what this place is about. We all got here for the same reason. Keep up the good work EVERYBODY!
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    :D Good deal, when 1 learns we ALL do:s
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    Good deal. Glad it worked out for you. And thanks for letting us know the outcome.