problem with 07 Ultra Classic- Brake light on all the time

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by depfan105, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. depfan105

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    why is my brake light staying on and my cruise stopped working on my 07 Ultra Classic?
  2. PigSnot

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    On my 07 FLHR brake light stayed on after a few hours riding, when hot. Buddy mentioned how my rear light seemed so bright. Always worked on pre-ride check, when cold! Replaced rear brake light switch, all OK!
    To verify suspect switch, pull one wire from rear brake switch, ensure front brake still turns on light and see if cruise works normal. Cruise should disable if it thinks brake is applied.

    Some good reading here:
    Rear Brake Light Switch - Harley Davidson Community

    Rear_Brake_Switch_Recall_M1310, probably applies to 07 as well.

    Thanks Tank; you type a lot faster!