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Problem with 06 FXDBI



My bike's front end warble and could not let go of the bars while rolling down the road, even with one hand on the bars it had a slight shake like tire imbalance, dealer said they checked it out and the tire was balanced, rim not bent etc. not that I ride with out hands I do use hand signals and use my hands to wipe bugs off my glasses, I thought it might have something to do with the bikes front end rake, any answers to this querry.......

As far as I know this is an isolated problem and not one that is a model wide issue. Is your bike still under warranty? If so, I would expect it fixed or a new bike.
This could be a lot of things, air pressure, allignment, steering stem. m=Make sure it isn't hitting the tank. Faster speeds will cause the front end to be lighter and that can cause the bar to be more sensative casuing the wobble. usually if you just ease up on your grip, it will get rid of the wobble on these models. But, if it still wobbling when you are "wiping bugs", I would have then check it again. Bottom line, wobbles are caused by bad weight distribution, something loose or tire problems.
Sounds like something is loose or broken.
Get that front end completely checked out before hitting the highway!
If they don't find anything obvious in the front end, check the motormounts for cracks/breaks. In certain riding conditions, like slowing down, a broken motor mount can give you the sensation that something is wrong in the front end.
Check out your front tire,if it has a broken belt,whatever, it could cause a wobble.Also check out if it's mounted right.I don't know if a tire mounted backwards could cause wobble or not.You never know,someone could've had a bad night before putting it on!!!
Next time you take it out look down at your brake rotor as you rde and see if it is bent. This could cause the problem
Good luck