Pro Team HD - Dealers, pay attention

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 09ultra, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. 09ultra

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    I have to tell you, Pro Team HD in Lawton OK keeps on doin it. Not only did they give me the best deal I found, they threw in a MC cover, A beautiful HD jacket for my better half, A HD Duffle Bag, A detail kit, the three pocket Ultra leather windsheild pouch and my first 1000 mile service free. Now today, three weeks later, I get a beautiful plaque in the mail with my name, an American Flag and Eagle in the back ground with a picture of My 09 Black Pearl Ultra complete with VIN#, congratulating me on my ride. Why can't they all be like this? They did not have to do it, and it may only be a $40 deal, but at least they are appreciative. They rock IMO. It was worth the 100 mile trip hands down.

    On another note, this bike just keeps getting better. I have been busy so I only have 600+ miles but after tonight I could just tell it is starting to loosen up and I am realizing the true ride of this bike. It is truely a solid feeling and handles better than I ever would have expected. I would ride all fricken day.... if only I could. Can ya tell I love it?

    KUDO's to Pro Team HD. Good job guys.
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    Sounds like a great dealer to do business with. It's nice to see they took the extra step to make you happy with the purchase. Too bad there aren't more like them.
  3. Joyflyin

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    Hey, I've been there! Pro Team that is. My nephew & I stopped in there while we were visiting him at basic, & I will say that everyone there was super. I didn't know they would throw in all that stuff, or I would have worked harder to spend my nephew's money. We both sat on a bunch of bikes, but I did end up with 2 t-shirts. Glad to hear that they really are that good! :57:
  4. MIHDrider

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    Nice to see that there are dealers out there that want to earn your business and keep you coming back for everything you need. Not just there to make a sale and move on to the next guy or girl. Congrats