Pro Amp Clutch Assist

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by SJSHD, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. SJSHD

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    When pulling in the clutch lever with the Pro Amp assist I get a "clicking" noise from the unit. I put my hand on it and can feel it right there at it. There is no binding just a click. Is that normal ?
  2. Redfish-Joe

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    From the AMP site:

    • Reduces clutch pull effort by 50%

    • Hardened steel gears rotate on sealed bearings

    • Outer case machined from aircraft-quality aluminum

    • Available in high-quality chrome or black finish

    • Simple bolt-on installation to the underside of the stock lever perch

    • Built-in adjuster for altering the clutch lever’s reach

    • Made in USA – AMP Research products are designed, engineered and exclusively manufactured by AMP Research in America.

    The only thing I can see is:
    A - A bearing going bad or dirty
    B - Gears a little dirty
    C - Clutch cable starting to seperate.

    Have been known to be wrong but sometimes I get lucky. Hope this helps:D