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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by eightball, May 3, 2013.

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    OK, need some help here. Installed a Rivera Primo Brute III belt drive on my 84 FXST. I was told that it would work from Primo. Now the starter bendix doesn't extend far enough to engage the ring gear. Called Primo and they couldn't help. Also called J&P, who I bought it from and they can't come up with anything either. Seems like I need a longer jack shaft if that could be possible. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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    Rivera Engineering - Installation Guides Can you find the install here and cross check your info? Did this kit come with a starter? Reason I ask is some of these set ups have different clutch hub set ups with different spacings on the ring gears, there should be a starter available to match up with this set up JMO
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    Specially designed for high-horsepower (150 hp capability) street or competition applications generating extreme shockloads
    Feature the latest technological advances in primary drive power transfer and primary belt design
    Include Pro Clutch™ assembly, starter ring gear, mating pinion gear (if required), one-piece sealed bearing for the inner primary (to replace stock two-piece bearing) and 1-3/4" dense-pack Kevlar® polychain belt
    Fit inside stock or aftermarket inner and outer primary covers
    Optional variable pressure plate assembly also available
    Replacement components and belts available separately
    Made in the USA Here is some more info pay attention to the mating pinion gear (if required)