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    Eyeball the primary cover carefully and make sure it is not cracked around the drain plug hole. If not, try reinstalling the drain plug with TWO wraps of teflon tape very snug on the plug. Thread the plug in so that it is slightly further then flush. Your book should have the spec on that.

    See if that works.

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    As long as the hole and threads have not damaged by previous excess aggression, simply screwing in to the proper position/depth will be sufficient. Don't worry. It won't work out, if done right. Instead of tape, I use Loctite 565 thread sealant. As you screw it in, it will never feel "tight" like other bolts/screws. It will get significantly beyond finger-tight though.

    Please note that the drain screw is pretty much the lowest point, by design. Just because it is dripping from there, does not necessitate that the leak is there. The leak could be elsewhere, above and behind, and it will still drip off at the drain screw. Since you just replaced the starter, I would make sure that the associated seal is good, as well as the seals for the clutch shaft, primary mounting bolts, etc. Feel around behind the lower part of the inner primary, behind and above the primary drain plug. See if that area is dry or wet.

    Rich P
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    Try not to bottom it out against the clutch hub. I have used brush on teflon with good results. You can get it at Napa it is made by Permatex:s
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    You'll usually find what you are looking for in the proper section of the self help area...

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