primary oil seal leak and trans problems.

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by glimmerman, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. glimmerman

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    this started with a bad service job at the 1k service. i replaced the compensator cam slider and primary oil seal in feb. '11. was leaving for the dragon and other roads when i noticed primary inner seal leaking again. i've had nothing but trouble with this since the stealer didn't fill the trans. and i had it torn apart at a second dealer only to get ripped there as well. now- why does this seal keep leaking and why does the bike feel like the rear rotor is seriouly warped when taking off cold. ok when it warms up. still having a no 5th gear or locked in 5th when hot. i'm thinking i need a need gear set and shift forks. help. going to canada in july. thanks.:(
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Seems Redfishjoe had so many problems with leaks they finally gave up and he got a new bike check some of his posts
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    Are you sure it is the inner primary that has the leak and not the gearbox
    If the inner primary has been off and the bolts to the gearbox have not been replaced the oil can leak past the bolts from the primary
    If the gearbox got hot or ran dry the mainshaft oil seal or the main drive oil seal may have failed
    the only way to be sure is to pull it all apart and check but if you are unable to do it yourself then you will need a competent engineer to look at it for you

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    @ Capt. Jack; tried that last year when i went for a 10k service only to find VIN blocked by Monty Banks, local regional service rep for H-D. NO warranty work w/o complete inspection AND authorization from H-D HQ. i get to pay for it all. dealer wouldn't touch the bike and then offer 9k on a trade only after term of what was my warranty expired. can't take that kind of hit money wise.
    @Fin; its the inner primary seal i had it apart and replaced all gaskets and bolts w/ sealing washers when i did the seal and bearing in feb. '11. 2nd dealer re-used everything including the compensator bolt, all gaskets, put blue silicone sealer on everything and torqued nothing. even re-used the broken "o"ring on the drain plug.
    people wonder why i get so rabid about dealers and H-D warranties. makes me foam at the mouth.
    i just want it to work as it did before the incompetent kid got his hands on it.