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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by pokerslim, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. pokerslim

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    last week I changed my primary fluid and noticed a few metal shavings on the question is about the noise that sounds like a sewing maching ticking real loud in the primary area...this may be a normal sound for a Harley.I,ve heard other members say that their bikes also tick.I have a 2004 883 sporty,it now has 19000 miles on it. the bike runs very well..its just this ticking noise that I hear.I checked the slack in the primary chain and it was perfect.I appreciate any advice on this.. Have a safe and Happy Labor Day...
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    I would suggest you better open her up and do a inspection! Better to be safe than sorry! could save you alot of money and riding time! Thats just my 2cents worth!
  3. LARscout96

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    I have a 2009 Nightster and mine makes that noise also. I slowly went over a speed bump not too long ago and due to the low clearence, the bottom of the bike at the front of the frame tapped the bump. Since then, my bike has made that sound. I cannot tell a difference in the perfomance of the bike other then that sound tends to be louder at times and then not so bad other times. What is that exactly and do I need to seriuosly have that looked into by the dealership since it is under warranty? Any information or help with this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    I have only had my 2001 Sporty for three months now. It had 12000 on it then and made some ticking and tapping here and there. I didn't worry then. Last week I hit 15000 miles and the tapping progressively got worse. Having 15000 miles, I changed the oils, tightened primary chain, belt, bolts, etc. Doing all of that, I was hoping that the noises would calm down. None of that made any difference. So, I shoved straight pipes up my mufflers and tack welded them in. That took care of the ticking. All I hear now is pop.pop....pop.pop.....pop.pop
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    Are you sure the noise is coming from the primary? My sportster had a lifter go out and it made a loud ticking noise down low that sounded like primary noise while sitting on it.
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    Ive heard piston slap on Sportys make this same noise
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    Mine, and all Sportys do this from what Ive seen. The HD dealer told me its b/c of how the tranny and the engine come together. Its normal, and nothing to worry about. Just sounds like a sewing machine, just like you said....Obviously anything that sounds louder, like a rod knock or something like that you'd definately wanna get looked at if thats the case.

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    Primary noise on a new bike...hopefully when you do the 1st clutch/chaincase/tranny fluid change you inspected the fluid that comes out as well as the magnetic drain plug for debris. Very fine particles should be all that is seen depending on how many miles are on your bike...the first one at 500 miles or so will have a fair amount, afterwards you will have much less. Look for any orange colored plastic bits (the primary chain tensioner pad is bright orange), and inspect the chain tension via inspection hole, should move very little (see owners'/service manual for expected range). And do bring it to the dealer and have them write it down on a repair/inspection ticket for warranty purposes...for YOUR protection.
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    I talked to a couple people after this post,even had a friend ride my bike and he told me all sportys made that sewing machine noise.I was just trying to be safe instead of sorry.I knew it was,nt a lifter or a rod knocking.My bike runs too well.I appreciate all the good advice,maybe I can help someone out in the future.