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Primary Lube Poll

Primary Oil Poll

  • Syn 3

    Votes: 133 11.2%
  • Formula +

    Votes: 309 26.0%
  • Old style HD primary oil #99887-84

    Votes: 59 5.0%
  • Amsoil

    Votes: 229 19.3%
  • Bel Ray

    Votes: 15 1.3%
  • Redline

    Votes: 100 8.4%
  • Mobil 1

    Votes: 175 14.7%
  • ATF

    Votes: 47 4.0%
  • Doesn't Matter

    Votes: 22 1.9%
  • OTHER (Please specify)

    Votes: 98 8.3%

  • Total voters


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This should be interesting to see the results. :D

Feel free to give your comments on it also.

Please keep all conversations and questions on oils to the oil forum instead of posting them in the POLL threads.

The POLL threads are for gathering information on the products and not for discussions about the products themselves .

The OIL forum is for the questions and answers.

Oil - Harley Davidson Community

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amsoil 20w50,but I'm thinkn' of going to mobile 1 V-Twin. I don't really have any complaints about amsoil, but M1 Seem a bit easier to find. The Wal-mart here carries M1 for 8 bucks a quart.
That seems to be the major problem with the Amsoil is finding it. You can order it and have it delivered but if you are like me, I want it now.
Seems like alot of you have problem finding Amsoil.I know of 3 shops whithin 5 miles that i can get it. Including Harley shop.
In my 1990 FLHS I use Amsoil in Primary seems to make clutch perform better and hook up stronger. Not sure what I wanna put in my new Ultra Classic.
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20-50 ams oil i buy it buy the gallon and i buy 10 gallons and 1 quart i also buy my gear oil at the same time 6 quarts at a time:bigsmiley28: