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    I have ridden metrics for years and got my first Harley last summer, an 07 fxstc. Noticed it was 'bleeding' and lost a couple of drops in the garage. took it in for 5K check up and fluid changes and found that the oil came from 'inner seal' of the primary. They replaced a bearing, race, clutch assembly, and some gaskets.
    Wife and I rode about 150 miles yesterday and I could hear a very high pitch sound almost like a wind noise and gear and/or rpm did not seem to change the sound. This being my first HD, I am totally not familiar with the primary system. My bike is still bleeding a very very small amount. every time we stopped I would check it with a gloved finger which indicated a very small leak. didn't drip in garage last night which makes sense considering the fluid level in primary. Could / would adjustment to primary chain perhaps cause a noise like I was hearing? I have already put Spectra GL5 for six speeds in the tranny which took which took care of almost all of the noise from the tranny. Had Performance+ put in the primary. Can't go back to dealer until Tuesday so this is sorta driving me 'nuts'
    It has been my experience that oil leaks do not get better, they get worse. I would appreciate your input. I did get extended service warranty on the bike so I am not looking to cut any corners and am not angry at anyone or having a problem with the dealer (they have been great). I just want to understand what is going on and why. It is hard to go to sleep knowing something is not 'right' with my bike, I love riding this bike more than any that I have ever owned.
    Thanks :help
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    Does the noise only happen when you are riding 2 up? If so, it is possible that your drive belt is a little too tight. I had a noise and small leak on my Dyna that went away when I loosened the belt a tiny amount.
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    You may have a couple of things going on. You may have residual oil from repair that was not completely cleaned up. There may also be some dampness around drain plug do to seal or again not cleaning properly. Where are you getting the oil from????
    Second if the drive belt was adjusted as part of service it may indeed be adjusted to tight and can cause a noise especially as bike get hot while riding...
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    Had the same leak after local indy changed fluids on my Ultra. They had put to much oil in primary. Never again......
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    Harley Davidson Community try this from the self help section, also check for seepage at the primary drain plug, maybe the o ring is cut?
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    Hardly ever ride 2 up, wife has her own bike, making a list and will put your suggestion on it. Thank You for your input.

    First found the oil on what I believe is the drain plug for the primary, (in process of studying service manual). Bike was due maint. so I just pointed out the leak. They said it was the 'inner primary' seal. They replaced the output gear, race and inner bearing, clutch assy, and part# 9234 roller bearing and some o-rings and gaskets. Before the ride yesterday, took a rag and wiped the backside of the primary as much as possible and what small leakage I saw yesterday seemed to be clean oil. Bike ran good and felt good, just had that very high pitched 'wind noise' sound.
    Thanks for the help. Taking the bike back Tuesday and will let you know what they come up with.
    Thanks for your help and sharing your expertise.

    The dealership changed the fluid and replaced with formula+ at my request.
    I will put these ideas on my list to give them.

    Thank You, I downloaded a service manual this morning have been reading up on the automatic_chain_tensioner. It will be on my list of 'suspects'.
    Thank You all for helping an old metric bike rider re-educate himself.
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    I've found the Harley techs all like to run the belt fiddle string tight. If you loosen it a bit, the noise might go away. :s