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Discussion in 'Transmission' started by oowf, Jul 26, 2008.

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    I have a question regarding the chaincase compartment. I removed the Primary drive chain inspection cover and the clutch inspection cover today.

    I am a little confused about what the manual means about "level". I don't have a bit of problem with getting the bike plumb left to right... (in other words standing STRAIGHT UP) but the manual I use says the bike should be standing straight up and LEVEL. What is level?

    To clarify my question do I insure the bottom of the frame is level? That is what I did today and it appeared as if the clutch lubricant was low. So I set a level on what would be the center line of the engine compensating sprocket and the center line of the clutch adjusting screw. The level indicated that in this position the center of the clutch was about 1" to 1 1/4" higher than the compensating sprocket and this made the fluid show below the perimeter of the diaphragm spring..

    I went ahead and set the bike back on the ground, still keeping it Straight Up and checked the clutch lubricant again and it was right where it should be on the perimeter of the diaphragm spring.

    I know this is somewhat of a lengthy question... but what constitutes level front to back?

    Another thing. While doing this process today I checked the free slack in the primary drive chain (the bike had not been started today) and there was about 3/8 slack in the chain when I checked it at mid point (top side) between the engine compensating sprocket and the clutch gear teeth. I went ahead and adjusted it to as close to 3/4" inch free play as I could (the book calls for 5/8" to 7/8" so I thought 3/4" was a good number...).

    My question is since it was set at 3/8" and I don't know for how long since I bought this bike used and this is the first time I have checked the chain, is there some damage I should look for? Also, should I go back in there in a few days and check it again to make sure it stayed at the 3/4" since I could not find a torque requirement for the Center Bolt Nut.

    Thanks for anyone's time on this!

    Have a great day and Cheers!
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    Level just means not on a hill or anything like that. If the floor is fairly level, that's about all you need, then set the bike level from right to left and fill it to the bottom edge of the clutch basket.

    Check the chain in a few days to make sure it was done on the tight part of the chain. By rotating it and measuring it in a few places, you can find this spot. Do it with the wheel, not the starter with the bike in gear.