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    Advice needed have slight primary plug oil drip when oil hot,plug screwed in level with cover on 97 dynaglide. tried PTFE tape but doesn't last.this plug is tapered and doesn't use an o ring. Thanx guys.
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    I know the lug on my 96 dyna screws in quite a way. I have no leak issues. Are you sure it's not a leak from the derby cover? How high is the oil level in the primary? It should be just over the bottom of the clutch plate and not up all the way up to the bottom of the derby cover. The level is checked with the bike upright.
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    Have you checked to see if the primary is cracked at the threads? If it isn't try using a good brand of anaerobic thread sealant instead of tape.
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    I use Loctite lock n seal on drain plugs and it seems to work for me
    The primary drain plug is the lowest point on the engine gearbox and primary when bike is on the side stand oil can migrate from other areas and drip from the primary drain plug

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    Like others have said check thread area for cracks. I use tape and a little pipe dope on mine.

    The other thing to check for is the inner primary is not leaking or even the tranny. A leak from the main shaft will find its way to the drain plug area down the back of the inner primary.
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    As others have mentioned, what appears to be a leaking primary drain plug is actually a leak from the backside of the primary case. Thoroughly clean the back of the case, then stick the edge of a piece of masking tape between the drain plug and back of case. The morning after a ride, look at the tape, if there is a drop of oil hanging on, or the back of the case is oily, it's not the plug.
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    [​IMG] Is this your drain plug?
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    Yes that's the one jack
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    That plug should stick out about 1/8 inch, not flush into cover, too tight may have stretched the threads in the cover, check the threads on the plug may have been started crooked?