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Primary Chains


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Improperly adjusted primary chains.

Too tight a chain will cause a whine and may cause the clutch to drag. This condition lessens the life of all components parts, including bearings. A loose or stretched chain can be whipsawing on and off the front sprocket, which also would make lots of noise and a jerking sensation, especially in high gear. If loose enough it can even contact the inner surface of the primary housing.

This may simply be a loose chain but more likely it would be an unevenly worn one with tight and loose spots and/or worn out hooked sprocket.
Do not confuse a whine in the drive train for primary chains before checking the rear belt tension. This can produce a sound similar to a low pitched siren and can damage your transmission bearings and inner primary also.

It's a simple job to do and a factory manual or most owners manuals will give the proper specs for this adjustment. After some miles are put on the chain, the adjustment isn't needed as often.
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