Primary chain adjustment

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    Copied this from another forum, what do you think.

    It's also possible to adjust the chain with the engine running. Carefully load it up (at operating temp) while the bike is idling in neutral until you hear a slight whine. Then slowly back the adjuster off until the whine dissapears. For peace of mind, you can back the adjuster off a further 1/8th of a turn from this point, & then lock up the nut on the adjuster. Perfect noiseless shifts & no more missing gears
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    There's short cuts to almost everything. It may work well for you but I would follow it through with the manual method of measuring the chain slop after doing it that way to be sure. I've seen that mentioned before but never tried it.
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    It works OK. If you look through the inspection hole as you tighten the chain, with the engine idling, you can see the slack taken up, and notice the whine start. Back off the tension until you loose the whine and you'll see some slackness come back to the chain. Stop the engine and check the tension using the manual and you'll find it's just about spot on. Don't forget the bike has to hot when you do this or it will be too tight when it warms up. If you drain the primary just before you do this you won't get oil spray in you eyes!
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    This may work for you youngster, but my hearing is not what it used to be.

    My eyes still work and I would rather use the book.