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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Isoteric Classic, Aug 19, 2008.

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    I have a 2006 Low Rider that was bought new in January 2006. Dyna's in 2006 came with a 6 speed that year. All the others came with 6 speed in 2007. Mine came with a paper I had to sign that, as per HD's Initial Care Program, HD was to replace the main primary bearing at every 15K miles. This was to include parts and labor and HD was to pick up and deliver the bike as well. After I purchased the Low Rider I recieved a letter in the mail about 5 weeks later stating that HD found there to be no issues with that bearing as they originally thought, and that the were scrubbing the Inital Care Program. At less tha 9K miles I now have a worn bearing. The dealer that I got it from will only pay for the parts. I have to pick up the 2.5 hours labor at $95.00 per hour. The bike went out of warranty 6 months ago. Anyone hear of this problem before? Anyone wonder if the 2007 and 2008 bikes will encounter this problem?
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    That was a problem with the 06 dynas as you know,I would call the customer relations dept of the MOCO and log a complaint. If there was an issue with it verified by the paper that all had to sign, they should help you out then IMO

    To speak with a Harley-Davidson customer service representative call (414) 343-4056.
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    I hope that you saved that piece of paper, could be considerd a contract for maintenance.

    That must have been another of HD's fantastic engineering ideas and then they have the balls to release it to the public, expecting a future bearing failure. I love my Harley but we must be idiots for buying this crap. What kind of company would put up with such poor engineering ideas just to save a buck, you would almost think that they were giving us the bikes for cheap.
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    Yep that is a stupid one.
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    what kind of company would do that .. pretty much all of them dont get me started on all the recalls we are doing for stuff right now catching fire.. non automotive or motorcycle work ..
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    Cam bearings are known to go out too!!