Pricing question for a 2002 RoadKing

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Wayne R, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. Wayne R

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    I just bought my wife a left over 2018 UC Trike, she rode a 2006 UC and it was getting a little hard for her to handle the weight of the bike, i ride a 2002 Roadking. When i bought the new Trike i was unsure which of the 2 bikes i wanted to keep for myself so i asked the dealer to give me a trade in number for each bike, The UC has some chrome add-ons very clean with 30000 miles, and the Roadking also very clean with 64000 miles some chrome add-ons a detachable tour pack, Hydraulic clutch and 9 spoke chrome wheels. Both bikes bought new, garage kept and well maintained, The trade in value they quoted me was $3750.00 for either bike. I didn't understand how they could price two different year bikes with different mileages the same price and i argued that point, i was told the differences didn't make a difference to which i disagree, and decided to sell the bike outright. So my question is this i decided to keep the UC and sell the Roadking, I looked up the value and according to KBB the Roadking is valued at $7560.00 in good condition with typical mileage when purchasing from a dealer and has a trade in value of $5560.00, what is considered typical mileage ? and what would be a reasonable price to ask for the Roadking, i was thinking to start at $6500.00 I am the original owner of both bikes. would appreciate your thoughts.
  2. Jeff Klarich

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    Like the old saying goes," your bike is worth what someone is willing to pay."
    Start high and you can always come down but keep in mind, you'll never get the sentimental value you have invested.

    Good luck.
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    Like Jeff said, "start high". Used price is heavily dependent on your area and season. Here in middle GA, an '02 Road King with 60K miles would have a hard time bringing $5K on a person to person sale. Spring is not far off, people will be getting motorcycle fever, take advantage of it.