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Pricing a 1983 FLHTP?

Hoyle Road

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There's a local police department that is getting rid of a couple of their old patrol rides. Both are model year 1983 FLHTPs, and according to the info I have, one has 9,XXX miles and the other has 12,XXX miles.

I'd like to bid on them with at least a little knowledge behind me, but given they're so old, I'm having a tough time finding any suggested price ranges. I've looked at old eBay sales, I've looked at the same models on other HD fan sites, I've googled the heck out of it and just can't find any good information that would help me be a smart bidder.

Can anyone help at least point me in a ballpark range of what could be an appropriate value for either of these? I'd greatly appreciate it!
Thanks for the KBB suggestions and the links to the research you did for me - I'd gone out to the NADA site but they only go back to 1986. Hadn't even thought of KBB.

I know this probably isn't a very common question, but I'll post back with what they went for after the sale.
hey, Hoyle, don't know if they had the auction yet but I found this on nada.
Had to look under antique bikes.

I guess that link just takes you to the home page. So when you get there click on the motorcycle tab. then the used motorcycle value tab. go to the h on antique motorcycles and you will find 1983. after you click on 1983 you should see the FLHTP model. good luck, hope this helps.
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