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    Looking for feedback on what the "must wear glasses" crowd like me use for riding glasses. For 10 years I have had a pair of Garny Boulevard with the prescription inserts and interchangable outer lens. Love and recommend them!

    I have worn tri-focals for years and have my optician place lens in the Garny's set for my distance vision. This has worked well until now. I find with just the distance setup it is screwing with my depth perception especially with in town and heavy stop and go traffic.

    The Garny inserts are not large enough to accept bi or tri focal lens so I'm looking for something that will. Preferrably with interchangable lens for day and night riding. May entertain the idea of Transistions if they are better than 15 years ago. Then they just did not get dark enough for bright sun riding.

    I do need something with seals to keep out the dirt, wind and road crud. Talking to my optician today to see if they have anything. Prefer something where I can buy frames and have my doctor make the lenses.



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    Depending on your presription strength and the amoutn of money you want to spend, you could go for a pair of Oakleys, any kind they can make presription now for the right price (got to their website to find dealers and check them out). The lens and frames can get pretty expensive. I was looking at a pair for around 5-600 when I looked at them, of course they have interchangeable lenses and such so this may be just what you are looking for.

    I got transitions 3 years ago and will never get them again, just not worth it. From talking to the folks at the Eye Doctor, they told me not for driving or riding, just for general wear, so the whole idea of having them so I did not have to buy 2 pairs of glasses went out the window.

    Now I have a full face helmet so in the evening, I wear my standard dorky glasses, and in the day, I have a set of Ray Bans that set me back about 350 and wrap pretty tight to my face (I have a fairly low presription so I could get away with these without going to Oakley...but my next pair for night riding will be Oakleys with interchangeable lens.
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    Sorry, I forgot to paste the link.

    Sunglasses, goggles, GOGGS and accessories - Guard-Dogs Aggressive Eyewear

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    I've been using Bolle' Parole for many years. They have an Rx insert that you can take in and out as needed.

    Wrap-around glasses that I love for riding. Glasses come with 4 lens (smoke, dark, yellow, clear) that are easily changable.

    Glasses run about $80. Inserts are about $25-30. Just have your Rx done and you're good to go.

    What I like about these glasses is they aren't limited to your Rx where if you get some of the wrap-arounds you can get distortion from the lens curves. These take care of that problem with the insert.

    Been using them (Bolle) for about 20 years as I've tried Oakley's and Ray-ban and they always distort my vision. (farsighted/astigmatism)
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    Thanks to all, looks like I have some research to do. Talked with my eye doc's optician yesterday and he thinks he can do something with my Garny inserts. Going to let him try as it won't cost me anything if I can't see out of them.

    Wish someone in my area sold the various brands listed here but you can't find anything in this rural area.......

    I'll post my progress when I have some.


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    LilMan; also, don't forget to "test fit" the frames w/your helmet(s) to ensure they don't ride-up off your nose & distort vision. I can't wear one set of glasses b/c the brims set right on a groove in my FF helmet liner. I agree w/the Bolle' or WileyX as they'll have interchangeable lens options (I wear Bolle' & owned WileyX). Good Luck!

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    WileyX and Guard Dogs are readily available and nice products. I choose to wear goggles that fit over my perscription lens...cost and replacement being the keys here. Also my eyes are sensitive, can't wear contacts, and light levels vary so much, that I like interchangeable lens on my googles,, there are "Photo-Greys/Transitions" lens in my perscription glasses, which increases my options for riding goggles. Just my way.
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    I got a set of transition eyewear from // ask for Mike.
    Very good to deal with.
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    I should have my Garny inserts back in about a week. Hopefully they can do something with them so I can see better. I love the Garny's with prescription inserts. They are sunglasses by day and if I get caught after dark, pop off the smoke lens and pop on a clear one. Problem solved.

    I did ask my doc's office about the Wiley X, they carry them in their Savannah office, if what I'm doing doesn't work I'll take a ride down and check them out. He did say the Wiley X interchangables he has seen, has to have each type of lens made for my prescription. If that's the case, it could get really pricey. And they can't put my tri-focals in any of them. Single vision and bifocal only.

    Wish I could wear contacts or have surgery on my eyes, but I'm nearsighted in one eye, farsighted in the other, with an astigmatism in both! Not a canidate for either, been wearing glasses since I was 5. What a PITA!

    Thanks to all for their responses!