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Prepping to wash Electra Glide


I didn't want to resurrect the Clean up thread so I thought I would just throw this in.

When prepping my Electra Glide Classic for washing , I know I remove the bags and seat, but what about the backrest and pad on the tour pak? Do I just cover them or remove the Pak or the back rest from the Pak and just plug up the holes to wash?? I don't have an Ultra so I don't have to worry about the speaker boxes.


Certain areas can be washed but judgment in the amount of water to rinse should be used. No high pressure as water infiltration can cause a lot of problems with electrical connectors. Best to use a hose without a nozzle and just enough to rinse away the soap used.

The seat usually can be cleaned/treated without washing it, removing to clean underneath would be good but again, sparing with the water here around the ECM and electronics.

The bags removed makes it easier to clean the bike and the tour pack again, not a lot of rinse water as in the gauges and around the bars/switches.
Dude, you go through way too much trouble. I take the bags off maybe once a year, and the seat only when I have to replace the battery. Spend less time washing and more time getting it dirty
the only prep i do is let it cool down if it is hot:bigsmiley12:

Same here,and as Glider said,just use water sparingly around the gauge's,speaker's,etc,etc, it's all water resistant.It's nice to have a clean scoot but in reality you are doing a lot of extra work that no one will ever notice but your self.I am anal about having clean ride's also but only strip them down for a complete cleaning after three or four washes(unless it's starting to look bad).I enjoy cleaning them,but would rather ride.After all,you can't tell it's dirty at 70 mph.:rofl
Thanks for the advice, I guess I am a little anal about cleaning. I have to agree with "you can't tell its dirty at 70 mph". Your right I need to have more fun riding it and not admiring it. So good to be back riding again and with my dream machine.

Thanks again, be safe!

be thankfull you can ride this time of year!all i can do is wash and polish and tinker.its colder than a well diggers butt here with ice and snow all over the place.:bigsmiley29:
I do a quick rinse 1st....then buckets of soapy hot water....then another rinse...been doing it by hand for years...Never had a problem with the bike not what type of cloth or sponge you use....rinsing 1st seem to make sure no scratches....