Pre-ride inspection? Everytime?

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    OK, here is the deal, the reason I put "Everytime?" in the title is that I often ride my Heritage evereyday (commute to and from work) so I don't find myself checking things like tire air pressure, oil, etc... before every ride. I do perform a quick walk around. I find that I am checking air, oil and things weekly at best. Of course if it sits for several days I'll do a thorough inspection, and at any regular service I also give it a good going over. Am I the only one. Do you guys always check air and such before each ride?

    2nd question while I'm at it. 2007 FLSTC, 34000 miles, and I have never had a problem code (never had a problem that I know of). Should I be pulling codes to see of there are any? Does anyone do this?

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    Unless you get a light, there probably will be no codes recorded anyway.

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    No I don't check air after I leave out from the house. I'm like you I do a walk around. And truth be told I've been to many a PGR ride where things happen fast etc where I did not even do that. But before I leave the house I do a full pre-ride, including looking for loose bolts (like sprockets).
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    That's too much work. Do it this way.

    50% of the time I will usually stare at the check engine light when I start my bike. If the light comes on for 4 seconds, then goes out and stays out, you have no historical or current codes. Your clean.

    If it comes ON & goes out and after 4 seconds,,,but then comes back on for 8 seconds and then goes out and stays out.,, you do have a historical code with no current code.

    You must see the check engine light for 4 seconds during start up. If you never see it light up when you start the engine, that means you DO have a problem. So NEVER seeing the light come ON means you have a problem.

    After starting the bike, if it takes 20 seconds before the check engine light comes on for 4 seconds, it means there is a serial buss failure and the speedo has given up trying to read for codes. So a delayed 4 second display is a serious problem.

    Of course a solid ON light that does not go out means you have a current code.

    (this applies to late model Delphi)
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    Thanks Hoople. Learned something. The V8 engine light goes out after 4 seconds. I'm clean.:)

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    Actually I do a "split" post ride inspection before parking the bike for the night (after work). In the morning I don my helmet and gloves, do a partial pre-ride inspection (visual the tires and test the brakes by pushing the bike firmly compressing forks while holding levers), compress the clutch lever and as I am backing out, I turn on ignition, check diagnostic sequence and start the engine (noting how the headlight dims), listening to the starter drive and engagement to be crisp. Once outside parked angled to the curb, I close the garage door controller in my breast pocket. Watch the door close and then I pull away and take it easy the first few blocks. :s