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    Other than spending $2-3K for stage 2 or 3 what can I do to increase the horsepower of my 08 Heritage? When I am in traffic I want to be able to have additional horsepower to pass or get out of the way. Any suggestions?
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    I can't wait to hear the crap I'm gonna get from this post.

    Your bike isn't designed to go fast, it is designed to look good. If you want a fast bike, buy a sportster or a vrod. They are designed to go fast. You don't see Harley racing using softails, do you?

    You can have all the "horsepower" you want but if it is in a sherman tank, you are wasting all those ponies trying to move the weight. Think about it what is faster a big block suburban or a small block corvette?

    Let me guess you think sportsters are girl bikes, right? My buddy and his 99 softail really has a hard time keeping up with me on my girly sportster. He keeps dumping money into his bike trying to beat me off the line but he can't. I'll admit that he can pass me at 90 mph, but what good is that really? He really has to crank on it to do this, where I am cruising nicely, I'm sure I could pass him if I really pegged it, but man I think i'm going fast enough.

    So if you want a fast Harley, why not go out and buy a fast harley. You are never gonna get what you are looking for out of that bike.
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    Stage ONE kit will do what you want. The bikes breath better with the K&N air cleaner and some freer flowing exhaust will do the trick.
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    Stage 1, slipons and some extra fuel will give you about 10 HP and more torque.