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    Heads up for anybody who might order from powersportsuperstore.com.

    My story: I ordered 2 sets of EBC FA409 (brake pads) on May 28th from the above named vendor. (today is June 5th)The pads were marked as in stock, they still are, I just checked the web site a few minutes ago. I have been checking all week to see when they shipped, the order is marked as "processing" I emailed yesterday attempting to get a tracking number. Of course no response. I went online today to check the order, still "processing". I used the online chat to talk with someone about the order. A guy named Jason came on, I inquired about the order. He said "The order must have gotten lost by UPS and has to be reshipped". I asked for a tracking number, 10 minutes later still no response. So I called, got Jason on the phone, asked where are the brake pads? Well we don't have them here, they are coming from 2 different warehouses. I thought they were in stock? They are, in our warehouse. (Meaning the wholesaler they buy parts from. Could be in the US or another country) When are you going to get them? I don't know. OK Jason I needed these pads when I ordered them, it's been over a week since I placed an order for "In Stock" merchandise and they still haven't shipped. I want to cancel the order. I'll buy them local. Well if you cancel the order we will charge you a 20% restocking fee. About this time my (EDITED) tolerance level was pretty much pegged out. I asked to speak to a supervisor, he said I am the supervisor.

    End result: They are going to charge me a 20% restocking fee for parts THEY DON'T HAVE in stock if I cancel the order. That just gave me a warm fuzzy, I thought I would share this with you guy's before I blew a gasket.

    Moral of the story: Buy local, support your home town economy, walk to the parts counter and look the guy in the eye. Less chance of him blowing smoke. He either has the part or he don't, then it it is your choice as to back order or not.

    Please read this...
    A Friendly Reminder - Harley Davidson Community
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    Been there, done that ... never got the T-shirt!!

    Feel for you, Brother!

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    Probably wouldn't do much good but maybe a call or email to the Better Business Bureau or the AG in the state where they do business is in order. Perhaps even the threat of doing that would get you out of the stupid restocking fee. Whatever the end result, we all appreciate the warning!
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    I hope you paid with a credit card, call that card company and dispute it, they will get you satisfaction.
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    Lancer thanks for the info I just got a 883c for my wife last month and I found a local co. that has great service and the lowest prices I could find. Ordered a Mustang seat on a Monday and the order was in on a Wednesday. I hope this doesn't brake the rules the Co. name is Kustom Emporium in Sharonville Oh. 513-722-0888 talk to Chris he is the owner and a good guy. :bigsmiley12:

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    man i hate to hear they are hoodooing you like that.
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    I know the feeling. I'm going through the same thing with a different company on a set of handlebars. Some companies simply do not understand the importance of customer service. They need to understand the impact that negative feedback has on thier business. I'll probably never buy from the company that you're dealing with based on this thread and I'm sure people are not rushing to deal with the company that I purchased handlebars from, based on my thread.
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