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I recently added the Cyclevisions fairing conversion to my 04 VROD and the previously installed power commander has been a giant pain to deal with. The extra wiring present with the power commander has become a problem when the techs try to do maintenance on the motor. I am thinking of going to a different fuel management device and I would appreciate any feedback other people have on different fuel management devices, particularly as they apply to the SuperTrapp exhaust. In the end I may simply scrap the SuperTrapp and go back to an SE slip on. Has anyone used the HD Race Tuner with an exhaust change?

Hi madison,

Anyone that has the PC IIIr installed ever notice a drop in fuel mileage? I picked my V-ROD last week with it installed. I rode side by side another V-ROD (Nice ride Mike!) setup identically - SE Pipes, Air Filter, and Stage 1 ECM, except without the PC and noticed that by the end of the ride I had used up about a 1/4 tank more than the other V-ROD.

I know that the very purpose of the PC is to allow more fuel, but I did not expect that much of a difference. Could some of the difference be due to the fact that the other bike was broken in already, while mine only had 280 - 300 miles on it? Also, is there a way that I can disable the PC for long rides, where mileage is more important than performance?

Well yes there is a break in factor... 5% to 10% at most... But look at it anotherway.. you have 10+ hp on tap any time. only like a horse you have to feed it...

PCIII sould be so much better if it had a 3 position switch for running on the fly. Position 1 could be for performance maps, postion 2 for criuse maps, and position 3 for zero maps. I wonder why this type of power distribution system has never been produced.
I understand what you are saying.. a grip switch like a turnsignal.. Power or economy... Too simple.. they have used it in toyota supras for 10+ years.. besides no one asked us...


I have a powercommander 111 with SE pipes and filter and stock ECM - My current milage is 35 to 36 - it was 40-41 stock. I will have the ECM upgrade this week and will run for a few weeks without the powercommander. I believe that the Powercommander Map - at least the one that I am using is running rich - better than lean regarding engine stress - but bad for milage.

When my v-rod was new my gas mileage was s 20-something mpg. Last time I computed my stock I got 43 mpg.

Wow...good change in mileage. That tells me that a break in is very necessary. That first 1000 miles plus is critical to long engine life.