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Power Commander Richness


Hey everyone. I seem to post more on issues rather than fixes. However here is my latest finding. I have the power commander on my bike with a map that was done on a dyno.
Lately when I start the bike when it is cold it starts fine and when I take off it seems to be perfect. But every once and awhile it will stumble as if it cuts out or is too rich and then takes off normal. No back firing or anything. When the bike is warm or hot this is not an issue. I only let it warm for 30 sec to a few minutes if I am closing the garage door.
My thinking is that the bike is adding fuel when its cold and maybe its too much. Weird, any thoughts?
It could be when the cold start enrichment ends if it is only doing it during warm up in colder temps.
I have been doing some more research and think I may try to turn on the fuel pump again and see what happens but may turn it down a little on he fuel increase from 15 percent to 10 percent.
I turned on the fuel pump accelerator and set it at 20 revolutions, 95% sensitivity and 10% fuel. It made a slight difference. I think from what I read its better to have the sensitivity at a lower number to get quicker effect? Anyone know about that?