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Power Commander or Harley's Race Tuner


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I have a 2007 Softail Deluxe. I am changing my exhaust to the Sampson Big guns 3. I understand in order for the bike to run right I have to install one or the other.How can I find out which would be better?
You can start buy looking through this forum.

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The PC will do the job even with the canned map that can be downloaded however the PC and the SERT will give better results with a dyno tune.
Some place like fuelmoto ( Specializing in EFI tuning and E ) will send you a canned map already loaded in the PC and all you do is to install it and ride. It will usually run good but not be optimized.

The main thing to consider is the tuner in your area and if they are good and at which one of the tuners.

There's always the TFI which I run on mine. No dyno tune and easy DIY setup with good results.