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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by waterdog, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. waterdog

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    Hey y'all,

    I have a question about powdercoat paint I hope Glider or someone else can help answer.

    I purchased a Rider Backrest for my Heritage Classic a few months ago and have rode about 500 miles with it on the bike. It helps but the pad does not hit me square on the back and needs an angle adjustment to compensate. It has a bent powdercoated support bracket that bolts under the seat, but there is no adjustment mechanism built in to the backrest.

    So, finally my question, if I try to bend the powercoated bracket about 5 to 7 degrees more (where there is already a bend), will it crack, damage or flake the powdercoating?

    Anyone have any experience with something like this? Thanks
  2. glider

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    You may get a bit of a bend without it cracking but it's a crap shoot here. The powder coat is a bit flexible but on the sides of the bracket where it is flexing sideways, it may give you a problem there. One way to find out:s
  3. Spike King

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    Bend away if it cracks have it powder coated again at lest you'll ride better
  4. 71shovelhead

    71shovelhead Member

    any way you can shim the mounting bracket to achive the desired position?
  5. waterdog

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    Thanks Glider. I knew you would have some good advice. I hoped it might be somewhat flexible but just not sure how much, or if the powder coating is more brittle than normal paint.

    Yeah, but then I'll have to find some place to get it done. :bigsmiley31:

    And I rather just be riding. :D

    I don't know Shovelhead. I'll have to look at that. The way the bracket winds up between the rider and passenger seats, I doubt I could shim it down at the mounting point, but maybe I could shim the upper screw point on the backrest pad.

    Thanks for the advice guys!