Power chamber in V&H pipes?

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by longpoint, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. longpoint

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    Newbie question here, but I was reading online about V&H Big Radius 2-2 pipes, and came across a comment that I'd like clarification on. The poster stated that-

    "The big radius pipes DO NOT have the power chamber in them. All the V&H pipes we have tested without the power chambers perform porly. IMO they are just for looks. Really big pipes usually perform really bad on a sporty.''

    Can anybody shed any light on this comment?
  2. 98fat

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    Hey, don't have a sporty (fatboy) but do have Vance BigShots (with power chamber) and have switched to Big Radius 2 into 1. I don't know that the power chamber is a big deal for power. I think baffles (back pressure) are more important. Along with high flow intake, correct carb (or EFI) settings. Look into the self help area on exhaust lots of good information along with Motorcycle Performance Guide for Harley-Davidson.

    Hope this helps/
  3. Chopper

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    Welcome to the forum longpoint, you have one bad machine there and it will run great with any pipe you want to put on, go for what you like the looks of and get the sound you want, you got no stereo, those pipes will be playing the sound track of life for you every time you fire it up, I like them loud so my neighbors can enjoy the music too.
    Pair the pipes up with a heavy breather and a super tuner and the person who wrote that comment above would have to wait untill you stop if he wanted talk to you, because he probably would not be able to catch up with you. The V&H power chambered pipes are real good pipes and also makes tuning easier, but we're bikers and sometimes easy is not in the equation.
  4. longpoint

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    Thanks for the input guys. I'm looking to reduce some of the chrome on my nighty, and the BR 2-2 are eye candy to me- they look like they were made for this bike. Just wanted to understand all the pros and cons befor taking the plunge.