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Discussion in 'Wheels' started by Biffy08, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. Biffy08

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    Hi all on this first day of the New Year!

    Can anyone advise for/against powder coating the stock aluminum wheels on my new FLHX? I am considering doing this because it seems that they always end up looking very hagered in a short period of time. Besides, they are not the easiest item to polish. Or maybe someone has developed an easier way of cleaning and polishing? And would anyone know a ballpark $ cost I should pay for this service?

    Have a great New Year!
  2. tourbox

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    Are you talking about wire spoke rims? I would think it to be cheaper to buy the mags of your choice rather than powder coating. You would have to unlace then re-lace the rims. I would go with Stainless spokes at that time. HD has a pretty good price for their rims versus after market.
    If yours are stock factory mags I think they are already powder coated. I may be confused.
  3. HDDon

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    Looks like the 2014 comes with a cast wheel and it has some color on the rim. I think you would have to let whoever does the powder coating have a look at what is already on the rim before you could get a price. 2014 flhx street glide - Google Search
  4. Biffy08

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    Sorry for the confusion. I was wondering about the stock cast mags. Part of the wheel is powder coated black and then bare aluminum on the majority of the wheel. I know the powder coater would need to redo the entire rim should I choose this route. What I am trying to avoid is the pitting that occurs typically on the bare portion of the wheel. To me, the bare aluminum looks horrible in a few months, and is a bear to bring back!:small3d023: I am also wondering if doing this will void any warranty?

  5. TQuentin1

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    If you want a real robust coating, check out PolyDyn (Performance coatings by Polydyn). They can apply Teflon in a multitude of colors in flat or shiny. That stuff is just like your fry pan. The only way to get it off, is to scrape off the metal!!

    I did all the hot stuff on my engine when I rebuilt it in '99. Way better than powder-coating.


  6. Jack Klarich

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    Seems to me the black is factory powder coat, the shinier part should have a light clear coat on, once that is gone the pitting starts, that would have to be polished off before any coating could be applied IMO
  7. Biffy08

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    Thanks TQuentin and totally agree with you on the clear coat Jack. It doesn't take much for the clear coat to start coming off and corrosion to happen.