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Post Your Sportster Dyno Sheets Here


My Stage 1- 2007 1200 Roadster.
Khrome Werks 3" hp slip on mufflers.
NRHS Hurricane with K&N air filter.
H-D SE Race Fueler.

max power = 74.65
max torque = 73.17
Any comments on the reading of this dyno sheet will be appreciated.
I would like to see your dyno sheets and what modifications you have done.
Impressive #'s there Hawk, I have'nt had my bike on a dyno yet but I have cycleshack slip-ons, powercommander and a screamin eagle air cleaner.:D
The pots on the H-D SERF are extremely sensitive. If you barely turn one often it would be too much. Also each
rpm range would bleed into the next one which makes it difficult to get an exact flat afr line. We did about 15 dyno
runs to get this and figured it was the best we could do. The bike does run perfectly with no pops or farts on deceleration.
I know. I just thought I would relate what I experienced tuning the SERF with the dynojet in case
someone might be interested. You can dial it in without the dyno but I wanted the best tune possible
and peace of mind knowing what the afr was as I like to rev the motor high in the corners and in spirited riding,