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Show us what your bike looks like.

To all members...

Pictures larger than 800 X 600 which are the MAX size allowed on the forum will be removed.

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oik,I give up,how do I put pictures on here please?:bigsmiley19:


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I have an account with I just upload all of my pictures there, and then link to them on these forums. You can get a photobucket account for free, and for each picture it gives you the code that you need to link to the picture. Pretty easy to use.

My son posted this pic of my bike for me. It's a 96 and I've yet to ride it. I just completed HDs Riders Edge program this weekend and plan on going to secreatary of state to hopefully get my motorcycle endorsement tommorow. I've called my dealership and asked them to get my baby out of storage and if all goes well I'll be riding next week.
Wish me luck please.
Hmmmmm....Raked trees and over on the fork legs. How about some details?:D Looks nice! How does it handle and turn?