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    The Portland Maine City Council is considering a motorcycle noise ordinance. According to a news release on September 10th by ABC affiliate WMTW, the ordinance would enforce a federal law that all motorcycles made after Dec. 31, 1982, have mufflers with an EPA exhaust system label, certifying the mufflers meet EPA standards.

    Any idea how this will impact my decision on pipes? I've been considering Rush slip-ons and their fine print states that mufflers may not meet EPA and/or CARB emmissions and noise guidelines.

    I don't go to Portland very often but I'm a little concerned what the rest of the state will do if this ordinance passes.
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    Pretty sure we got that squashed..

    "The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association applauds the efforts of the Motorcyclists of Maine and thanks its own members for their letters and phone calls to the Portland City Council in helping to defeat the proposal concerning Motorcycle Noise regulation.

    While the Portland City Council did refer the bill back to committee, the proposal as written was unanimously rejected, indicating that the Council Members were not going to react to emotional pressure. In asking that the committee work with motorcyclists, the Council demonstrated maturity in understanding that the problem of ill behaved motorcyclists is not going to be solved through discriminatory scare tactics, but rather collaboration and education. Further, the Council demonstrated respect for Motorcyclists and what they bring to their communities.

    The MMA would like to extend its thanks to the Portland City Council and the United Bikers of Maine for their efforts and offers its support and help. We would also like to remind our members and all Motorcyclists in Massachusetts to ride with respect – keep the throttle down in residential communities and maintain your vigilance towards similar acts targeting motorcyclists.

    The full text of the article follows. For More Information, see http://www.massmotorcycle.org or contact chairman@massmotorcycle.org or legislativedirector@massmotorcycle.org