Poor man's Exhaust shield repair on my 04 FLH

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    I have a set of two into one "Caliber" exhaust pipe on my FLH.Never heard of them before but the pipes were on the bike when I purchased it. They sound fine and look OK. The other day I started hearing a bad rattle. I thought it was a loose clamp on the lower shield. What I found was the keeper on the inside of the shield had popped off. As you know they are spot welded on before they are chromed. So getting out the tig or mig might fix them but it would ruin the chrome when the heat from the weld hit them even though it is on the inside. I don't know where I would find a replacement shield or how much it would cost so I tried a quick fix. So far so good. I took a 4" cut off tool and cut a slot in the shield on the underside about 1/8" from the side inline lengthwise with the shield. It is out of view since it is underneath. I only let the wheel go in a little making the cut about 1/4" wide just a little wider than the clamp. I then took a screwdriver and placed it in the slot and bent the 1/8" part of the shield in.
    That way it would rest on the pipe, but the rest of the shield would still be standing off of the pipe pretty close to the way it was before. I slid the clamp thru the 1/8" slot and tightened it up. It worked great no rattles and you can't see the repair. The shield is in place just fine. I guess time will tell if it holds I don't see why it would fatiuge but there is a lot of vibration there. Any way for now at least it's not rattling. I'll let you know how it does in the future. It might not meet NASA standards but the price was right. "Ha Ha"
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