Plug behind headlight on 09 UC?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Rubbit, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Rubbit

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    Is there a plug to use for power source inside fairing behind headlight. Dealer mentioned it as well as just splicing into the headlight wires to power a sirius receiver. Dont won't to use the plug under the seat and have to run wires all the way back there. Any help would be great.
  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    Not sure about a dedicated plug but there's all sorts of places to splice into a hot wire, like the cigar lighter maybe.

    Shoot Lancer a PM or maybe he'll jump in here - I know he's got all sorts of goodies on his ride!
  3. Lancer

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    Originally I tapped into the cigar lighter. Just recently I ran the wire to the accessory plug in front of the battery so could control the Sirius and radar detector from the accessory switch on the panel. Keep in mind the power supply for the Sirius is the plug that you plug into the cigar lighter! If you cut the wire and tap it into 12 volts you will fry the Sirius. You can get a socket at the auto parts store, tap that into the cigar lighter behind the fairing and plug the Sirius into that. Zip tie it up good and your set. Do a search on Sirus install here on the forum, several people have done it. Good Luck.
  4. williamfrog

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    On my 08 there is a unused power wire taped to the headlight wire . I used it to power my Sirius . I bought a power adaptor to hard wire it .
  5. buddybr

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    Yes, there is a switched power wire (orange) and a separate ground wire (Black) behind the headlight. You can get to it be removing the headlight housing from the faring. But if you want to run a power wire from the handle bar area, it's easier to remove the fairing.

    I hooked the power wires from my Garmin Zumo to them.

    I used 16-14 insulated disconnects .250" or 1/4 inch to crimp on your power leads. It takes a little effort to slip the insulator over the Harley female connect. The connectors are available at any parts store.


    Just to clarify, that’s remove the outer fairing. (Seven screws).

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  6. Rubbit

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    Thanks guys. The kit that i got for the mount for the sirius comes with a box inline on the power wires that converts from 12v to the 5v for my receiver. The orange and black wires are what i thought i also heard for power source. The answers my questions. Thanks again.